Extracurricular Activities

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Imoonlightin

This story is about a girl named Charlie. Charlie started a new school that year, she'd just moved to Paris and wanted to study art, so she did. At first, Charlie didn't notice Gabrielle, and she didn't notice the way she started to feel towards her. After a few days, and then a few weeks, she realized how amazing Gabrielle was. Every time Gabrielle walked by, stood behind her or just looked at her, Charlie felt the blood rushing to her cheeks. She saw how Gabrielle looked at her and felt the desire in her eyes, so every time Charlie was near her she would let her beautiful, long, black hair down on the right side of her neck. She would look at Gabrielle with a sweet yet not-so-innocent look and a smile that could describe what a thousand words couldn't. One day they were talking at school, in a corridor, and Gabrielle's hand brushed up against Charlie's hand. Electricity was flowing, they looked at each other and Gabrielle kissed her then and there. Charlie looked shocked, she blushed for a moment and kissed her back with passion, as if she had never been kissed before, as if for the first time she knew what it was to really kiss someone. Then Charlie stopped and stared into Gaby's eyes for a minute, she took her hand and pulled her into an empty classroom. Charlie was against the door and while looking at Gabrielle she pulled down her panties from under her skirt, put them in her hands and then went and sat on the desk. She stared at Gabrielle with a defying look and spread her legs. Gabrielle smiled and kissed her neck, her chest, her gorgeous breasts. Charlie was smiling, happy to finally be giving in to temptation. Gabrielle kept kissing her, she took off Charlie's shirt and bra and kissed her breasts, her nipples, she felt them harden beneath her tongue and her fingers. And she kissed her thighs and spread them wide open. She started to lick her and finger her at the same time. Charlie was on the desk, biting her lips not to scream, Gabrielle kept fingering her and licking her until Charlie came.