Exhibits of passion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Syd

I'm in a museum and I stumble into an un open exhibit and decide to explore. As I'm exploring I bump into a guy, he's cute, black hair, rugged beard, looks Spanish mixed with Arabic. He smiles at me and I start blushing. Suddenly the staff walk in and we hide behind a wall in the exhibit. It's tight, I can feel his body pressed up against mine and he has a hard on and he smells amazing. I try to talk to say sorry we are in this situation. He puts his hands over my mouth as whispers into my ear not to speak in case we get caught by the staff which makes me blush deeper. The fact that we're wedged in this close makes him accidentally kiss me. We start kissing and he's kissing my neck, touching me... I start to moan and he covers my mouth and whispers "shh" in my ear.

Before I know he moves down and pulls up my dress. The space is small but large enough for him to kneel down. He starts licking and gently kissing my pussy. To stop my moaning he gives me his cap to bite on. He starts to tease me by increasing the intensity then stopping and smiling looking at me then continuing. Afterwards I pull him up and take off his Jeans. Lifting up my leg he enters me slowly pulsing inside me. He increases the intensity and now the cap falls out my mouth as I orgasm and moan loudly. Quickly he puts his hand over my mouth to tell me to stop and I bite on his fingers. We finish and he slowly checks slowly the wall to find it's empty as we make our escape.