Ex Sex is always the best

A Sexual Fantasy

— By x_

She'd wanted to come over, catch up. We'd been broken up long enough and she was with somebody else now, so there was no harm in it; I was naive.
We spoke innocently, but I couldn't help but notice her figure despite her modest clothes. My thoughts wandered - flashbacks to showering together: her looking up at me with doe eyes while holding my cock in both hands; running my fingers between her buttocks. I shift so she can't see the growing bulge in my pants.
Suddenly an unexpected kiss, only a peck on the cheek. Before I can recover from my surprise she is on top of me, her sweet tongue feeling for mine. It's wrong but I want it. She grinds on me through our clothes while I slide my hands down the back of her jeans.
We undress her, then it's her turn to unzip my pants. The same look of disbelief on her face as the first time she saw it. Drives me wild.
I throw her onto her back and position myself between her legs; rub her lips with my head and bury my tongue in her mouth. Lusting so hard I can barely breathe.
Then I penetrate her. Slowly sliding my head inside her, deeper and deeper. Her warmth inches steadily along my cock, until I feel our pelvic bones pressed together and I'm covered in her wetness. I withdraw and hold it in front of her face. She eagerly sucks me clean and begs me to fuck her. There's nothing I want more.
I penetrate her again, pushing deep over and over. I admire how beautiful she is beneath me, how soft and warm she feels. I'm lost in the scent of her body and taste of her mouth. My ears are filled with her soft gasps in a rhythm with the slapping our bodies make with each thrust inside her.
She tells me I can cum where I want. I oblige.
Later, after spooning, I enjoy watching the creampie run down her leg as she searches for where we had thrown her underwear.