Every Girl Needs a Lesbian Farmer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By littlefemme

I work on a farm and so I'm always wearing boots and flannels. I'm a lesbian, and I have this friend who I went on a few dates with and kissed. She is more experienced than I am in sexual situations and she's a top, while I am definitely not. My fantasy is that I take her to meet my horses. We walk around the farm and I am blathering on about something so I don't notice her staring at me intensely. Abruptly, she turns me around and kisses me, powerfully but also romantically. We head back to the barn and sit down on a stack of hay bales, kissing fiercely. She starts unbuttoning my flannel shirt and lies me down on the hay. It turns out she's a little kinky, and eventually we get up and she pushes me against the wall, pinning my arms above my head so I'm completely at her mercy. She bites and kisses my neck, and flips me around and starts spanking me. She scrapes her nails along my back and the fingers of her other hand tangle in my hair and pull my head back roughly. She eats me out and we have really intense and passionate sex. Afterwards, we cuddle and it turns really sweet and caring.