Car Sex Generation

A Sexual Fantasy


Living at home in your 20s can be tough for many reasons, but for me the worst is finding privacy, especially sharing intimate moments with my beautiful and incredibly sexy girlfriend. But of course our work schedules clash, I work a full time office job whilst she works in a downtown restaurant, so time restrictions are tight.

But we´ve come up with a solution... an arrangement... She picks me up from work dead on 6 o´clock driving the car to a field just outside our town. The sexual excitement is unbearable... her hands caressing my abdomen having barely pulled the car to a stop. We launch towards each other, hands grabbing and pulling at clothes, bare skin, hair... We bite, kiss and lick every inch of each other as our bodies become sprawled across the back seat, the small space expanding as we embrace each other.

Now the cat is staring up at me in want as I pour food into a small dish, the smell of home cooked food filling the family house.