Dressing Room Dreams

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MamaBoyLover

I was waiting in line for a fitting room at a very busy clothing store. There was a tiny, older, slightly frail framed woman in line two people ahead of me. She was regaling the strangers in line with her family stories. Then a tall man in his 30s comes up in line, kisses her, says “Here mom”, and takes the pile of clothes from her arms. He was ruggedly handsome, not my usual more conservative type. But the contrast between his big masculine frame, man bun, and the way he patiently waited with his mom, sweetly listening to her tales along with the rest of us, made me take notice. He bantered with his mom while she talked about her grandfather having 3 wives and 18 kids. He joked that perhaps she shouldn’t put so much pressure on him to settle down since her family had had enough kids. I felt myself get aroused, more intensely than I ever felt in such a public setting. We made eye contact and in that split second I fantasized that he would walk into my fitting room, maybe accidentally, and ravage me with his mouth and those big hands.