Dreams of Ginger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nightmare

It was a cold snowy winter day when you first visited me in Norway. I've been always attracted to gingers but you were driving me crazy. Your long wavy red hair in the cold winter winds blowing from the fjord, your bright red beard, your pale blue eyes, your freckles, your smell, everything about you. We were outside the whole night, standing at the fjord, waiting for northern lights to light up the sky. We started kissing, your soft lips on mine. I want more. We go back to my apartment and begin to undress. I shiver when I see your pale white skin, almost translucent, with all those freckles I love. As you take off your shirt I notice your pierced nipple, I feel the heat rising up in me. I want you. I'm following your soft red hair down from your bellybutton to your pale, almost rosy cock, it is already hard. I can't wait to feel you inside of me. I love you my ginger dream.