Dream Fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By redrose

So I’ve had a slew of exams and essays recently. The other day I was at my uni’s graduate centre studying when I saw a classmate and we started to chat during our study break. I’ve liked him for a while but I didn’t think he had noticed. We studied together for a few days, and one night after studying both of us were exhausted. I wanted to go home and shower, but I live at the far end of the city. He knew this and asked me over to his, to stay the night and shower if I liked.
I was hesitant because that means sex and I have a lot of body image issues to work out as a very skinny and unconfident girl, with no breasts and scars on my legs; the thought of actually being naked in front of someone can be terrifying for me sometimes… but he was quite cute and guaranteed hot food so I went with him to his little flat.
I showered and by the time I came out of the bathroom he had pasta, a chocolate bar and a glass of water ready. He looked so proud of his hospitality too, it was rather adorable. I was in a towel so he plonked this t shirt on me, and maybe it was the food but I kissed him hard as he tried to put the t-shirt round my neck. He slammed me against the wall and pinned my hands up with one of his while still kissing me. After a second or two, he asked, “Too rough?” I shook my head so he sort of grazed my lip with his thumb and said, “Say it for me, please.” I remember saying, “Please” over and over again, to which he said, “Please what? You have to tell me whether you want this.” My brain was screaming, ‘consent! He asked you for consent!’ and honestly I got more excited than I should have. I told him I did and my god, did the best night ever start. He knelt and kissed up my thighs like he had all the time in the world and like I wasn’t going to burst into flames at all. He took off his clothes, put a condom, flipped me over and fucked me so hard that I came twice. Just before he came, he pulled me back to his chest and held me as I rubbed my clit.

Then I woke up, it was all just a dream, but I found myself very wet, with no more exam anxiety