I Dream of Being Amarna

A Sexual Fantasy

— By william_blake

Dear Erika,
I want to share with you my xConfession.
I am a big fan of Amarna Miller. I love the power of her look, the shape of her body, watching her in BDSM roles and dreaming to be part of it.
I appreciate the female energy at such a point that I’m close to worship in my thoughts and during the sexual act. At such a point that sometimes I desire to feel what the woman feels, and dress in women's panties, or a sexy thong lace. You don’t know how that line through the ass could change a view of a man. It makes me feel free and sexy.
But it’s not enough. I don’t know if what I’m going to tell you is ‘normal’, but when I watch your movies I look at the excited facial expressions, and think WOW!! What kind of pleasure is she experiencing? And I try to feel not like I’m receiving that blowjob, but that I’m doing it. How does she feel with a cock inside throat? And what kind of experience must it be to be lying on her back and be filled by a man? I dream about her sharing our love, and at the same time, dream to be…her.
For sure, male and female energies can be different. I love women, but I could appreciate being bisexual in sex. How can you understand the whole, at the end, if you don’t find the other side of the moon?