We Don't Need No Penetration

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zach

Her car had broken down, and so had mine. We were stuck in the same parking lot, the same apartment, even though it was only our second date. We were cautious, both coming off dry spells, but absolutely mad about each other. Her long hair, my broad shoulders. We were wrapped up in details.

Later that night, the air was full of subtext. Would she stay on my couch? Would I? Would we be naked together, under the covers? It wasn't until she grabbed my shirt and kissed me softly, wetly, running her tongue between my lips briefly, that I knew how the evening might end. Things didn't move quickly, but it became a blur. Sucking on her neck, behind her ear. Her hands on my biceps, my chest, my waist. Spending time running my hands through her hair, across her scalp, and down her neck. What it felt like when she moved onto my lap.

When we finally moved to the bedroom, clothes were gone in a flash. For some reason our fear of nudity, of being hurt, just disappeared in the moment. I knew she hadn't been orgasmic with her last partner, but I didn't care. I asked if I could kiss her lips. She smiled, but her eyes widened when I put a finger to her mouth and shook my head. Not there, above her neck. Lower.

She didn't expect to come. Her voice was high, breathy, and surprised. She was clenching around my index finger, curled up towards me in her sex, muffling her mouth with my pillow. I could feel how wet she was when she came - it was running down the back of my wrist, and it was in the vibration of her hood beneath my lips and tongue. We didn't want to fuck, so we didn't. I didn't come at all that first night, because I didn't want to. What I did want, and get, was to explore what made her inhale sharply. What made her moan, and clench, and slide her legs around my waist. The spots on her body she didn't know would feel exciting, like just to the side of her breast, or behind her knee. How much I would enjoy her palm against my sex, moving softly and slowly.

We didn't fuck, but it was the best sex I've ever had.