Don't leave me dry; F*ck Authority

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Little_MissRebelle

In the last breaths of summer, a long time ago, me and my boyfriend at the time were just two punks, coming back from a show, trying to find a spot very quick to get down and dirty. If only I could find a spot to park my old fart of a car, somewhere in the Capital... That was no easy task, the city is always so plump and buzzing.

We were extremely horny for each other, after trying to find a somewhat safe spot for 20 minutes we were at our breaking point, we had to find a place. Since we liked doing things a bit out in the open anyway, we gave up and parked in a spot right then and there, in the next parking lot we saw.

There was a lot of cars, lucky, we told ourselves, my car would get lost in this structured mess. We looked at one another and immediately started to kiss. Eagerly looking, we touched ourselves and each other in every possible way, in the little time we were there. My lips went all the way down to his cock and I sucked him. He licked and sucked my tits, as I was telling him nasty little things and getting very wet, the car windows got all foggy...

Unfortunately, we didn't go very far, since we noticed a police car passing by us every 5 minutes, it got us wondering... I didn't really care, but he did, too much to be able to keep going so we had to stop. To the detriment of this appealing thirst, that left us dry.

We got out of the parking lot and finally noticed that our lust for each other made us completely oblivious to the fact that we were in the Parliament's parking lot...

At first we were a bit freaked out but then we cracked our ribs laughing so hard! This whole thing got us very excited back then and has become an accidental fantasy, couldn't believe that just happened by mistake.

In an alternate universe, I wish we would've stayed and had sex like passionate beasts in my car that night, as the biggest F*ck Authority of all time.

I still find it so fucking hot!