Disabled and hot

A Sexual Fantasy

— By maybejune

As a disabled woman, in a wheelchair, my sexuality is often invisible to people. They think disabled people can't have sex, fantasies, can't be kinky. So I decided to change it. I like to take nude pictures and post it online, anonymously. At first I was a bit afraid of someone I know recognizing my nude body on tumblr, but then I relaxed. It was good to imagine people tributing to my pictures, masturbating, having wet dreams about me. Then one day I was at the coffee shop and this charming man was staring at me. He had a wedding ring on his left hand. I don't like married guys, so I was a bit disturbed by the way he was looking. He then sat at the table next to me, my heart was pounding on my chest, how dare him. He seemed as nervous as I was when he whispered my nickname on tumblr. He recognized me, he knew that naked body was mine. I glanced at his pants and his cock was so hard. I was shocked about how I wasn't embarrassed at first. I was fascinated, I got so excited about being in his dreams and I guess I let it show. Then I realized what I was doing and took off, trying to run away. He followed me, I was half scared, half pleased. I had to make a decision. I turned around and looked right into his eyes and said "I'll let you show me everything you always wanted to do to me at the disabled toilet in the gas station just around the corner". And we did.