Dinner Party Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By janekim

This is a recurring sex fantasy I have. I'm at a fancy dinner party in a very high end restaurant/venue. It's dim lit and all of the tables are round and semi-private. At my table is me, a guy (maybe a friend or friend of a friend or an ex lover) and some other couples. We're all dressed in fancy evening dresses and suits, drinking wine and champagne at this gorgeous candlelit dinner. At a certain point in the night, every one at the table begins to slowly one by one leave the table, either to go mingle around elsewhere or just to use the restroom. Then it's just me and the guy sitting at the table. Flirty, light foreplay begins and escalates slowly into me sitting on his lap. What's also hot about this is that we don't know when people are going to come back to the table! Soon, I begin to grind on his lap. I'm in full makeup, nice hairdo and still wearing my expensive evening dress. We are both extremely turned on and humping with all of our clothes on. He hikes up my dress so he can start fingering and rubbing me. Eventually his pants are unbuttoned and we fuck, me sitting on top of him, him sitting in his seat, at the fancy dinner table. In the background is the ambient sound of lots of people socializing, laughing, drinking, eating. Nobody notices. Even when we moan and cum, the loud ambient noise in the background (and maybe even the live jazz band playing in the background) drowns out the sound.

- JANE, 29