Deep in My Lady Garden

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I have a beautiful, deep, garden in which there's a secluded spot where I can sunbathe naked, unseen by my neighbors. Recently, a new couple moved in next door and started renovating their garden. Unaware that my secluded spot was now exposed, I went there as usual, threw off my bathrobe and oiled myself up. As I lay there, in the warm sun, I must have dozed off... and had a very arousing dream. So, I started to play with myself, spreading my legs more and more, revealing my hairy pussy to the warm sun... I heard some moaning and gasping noises from the other side of the fence. When I peeked through my eyelashes, I saw my neighbour, on a ladder against a big tree, jacking himself off frantically, watching me! This made me even hornier, so I got on my knees and started playing with my butt with my oiled-up fingers. The moaning and gasping intensified and after a minute or so I felt his cum splashing on my back and buttocks. Moments later I came myself, with a loud gasp of air... We became good friends, my new neighbours and me... but she never knew what he did...