A Day in the Theatre

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jajavi

This is the story of a middle age couple. Ana and Javi. They have a deep and true love. They are the perfect couple. They are friends and lovers. They talk about everything and they know the other one so much.

Ana has a platonic love. A famous actor. She follows him in social networks, she reads all the articles where someone talks about him and of course she watches all his films.

He is going to be in London in a theather, so they travel to see him, as this is a unique opportunity to see him just 10 meters away. Not on a screen.

She is really excited. It’s one of the best days of her life.

The play is fantastic and they wait until the end to have an autograph. After some time, he appears and she goes to talk to him, but she is so nervous that she can't talk too much, just the enough words to show a pencil and a picture from his last film.

But he smiles and looks her in a naughty way. He is attracted.

They go back to the hotel and to the room. But before sleeping she remembers she needs a special pillow so she goes to the hall. When she goes out of elevator, in front of her, here is the actor, smiling again, just 40cm away, and this time he starts to talk. He remembers her from the theater, and he offers to go to the room to talk, to show some merchandising, etc… and she accepts (she knows whats going to happen but she accepts it) and while he opens the door she sends a message to Javi telling whats going to happen and a smile emoticon and kisses.

He replies also with smiles. This is her chance to make her dream reality and he is not going to stop it.

Some minutes later, Ana and the actor are making love. She is enjoying each minute, each movement, each small detail…

Then she goes back to her room. She smiles, she hugs Javi too strong and they start to kiss and to make love again.

Back to normal life. One day they see that the preferred actress of Javi is going to play in the same theater in London. So they buy the tickets!