Dark Skies, Wet Knickers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Visana

Its raining. Not like a drizzle, like within seconds your clothes are soaked through. The blanket of it makes it impossible to see beyond a few feet. But it's not frigid, this deep south downpour. I've left say, target, costco, whatever. Huge parking lot with very few cars, and I'm running to mine. Then I see him, the man from the store I'd made eye contact with several times. A chill ran through me. his eyes bore into mine, then travelled down to my wet breast and beyond and snapped back up. I became intensely aware of the water, having soaked through my summer dress, rolling down between the cheeks of my ass. He approached me and ran his hand over my throat and under my chin, pushing me back against my truck, reaching his other hand up my skirt and rubbing my pussy through my soaked panties, --..is that from the rain? -- I wonder.. I gather myself and push him away, What am I doing?? but we lock eyes again and fade back into each other with mutual fury. Thunder rolls in the distance.