Cut or uncut?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By markdelance

Where I live is very rare to come across a circumcised guy. And until I was 23 or so, that was a big desire for me - to find and fuck a cut guy. So, I started visiting jewish circles and try to date somebody there. That was very hard. I became attracted to Matt, a jewish boy. After a few dates, we went to bed and I was quite disappointed to find out he wasn't circumcised for some reason. What a let down! I never told him that, of course, but I gave up on him and continued my research. I then learned that most american guys were cut. I started visiting tourist bars and places, and then I met Corey - a readhead from California. I had to take that chance. After making him quite drunk I convinced him to take me to his hotel, which turned out to be a not so nice hostel. It was tense as he had a few roomates there that could surprise us anytime. But I insisted, took out his pants and there it was - not only it was clean-cut, but also he was quite endowed as well. I spent a few minutes staring at that and then I had to confess to him about my obsession for the lack of foreskin. He took it nicely and we had a night I will never forget. And we weren't interrupted!