Cuntry Life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By juls

I live in the English countryside with my husband and children, we're all Spanish but have been living in the UK for several years now. My children are lucky to go to a private school, a small one, nothing crazy, but still has that Harry Potter vibe. After picking them up I sometimes let my kids play before going home, mums chatting around, young children running and older children heading to or coming back from different sports activities. Thursdays are the best days, it's rugby and after all the muddy kids go inside for a snack the coach comes in. Not many people are big fans of red hair but I swear this guy is ridiculously hot, in a "I'm a good guy, I can fix your car while I give you the best cunnilingus of your life" kind of way. That's the setting, I don't like the idea of anything happening in a school with kids but in my fantasy I would find him somewhere else, there are a lot of lovely places to go for a walk in the forest around here, if I've had a hard week I sometimes go walking on my days off. That's where I would like to meet him. Walking his dog or something. Ah England, shitty weather but lots of green pasture to do whatever you need...