Couple of best friends

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lfonz

I told my best friend and his girlfriend they were the most attractive couple ever, and after some drinks I even told them I would be up for a threesome. They laughed it off, but I felt her gaze all night. She was stunning. With big black eyes, full lips, flat chest, thick thighs, and wide hips. After this, she and I started getting closer. At our friends’ gatherings we would chat all night, sit closer together, even touch our legs a little, clearly flirting. One afternoon of a summer trip we took together, everyone was in the pool while I was cooking. She looked amazing wearing bikini. I've had never seen her ass so clearly and it was incredible, big and round. She noticed me peeking, got out of the pool, and started bending and pointing her ass to me playfully. I could see bits of her labia slipping. After everyone ate, it started to rain and most of them went to sleep, including my friend. I sat on a couch that was external and watched the rain while I sipped caipirinha. She came with a blanket, sat beside me, and rested her head on my shoulders. We kept chatting and arrived on sexual subjects. And then she just grabbed my hand and put it on the internal part of her thigh and kissed my face. I got so horny with this, but nothing prepared me for when she rested her hand on my bulge to feel me. My underwear was full of grool. She whispered how hot I am and pulled me to spoon her. That night I masturbated while showering and orgasmed loudly. A month after that my friend told me he was travelling for work and asked me to visit his girlfriend to keep her company and she asked me to sleep at their home because she felt lonely the whole week. She opened the door wearing a tight short and a tank top with no bra. After eating, movies and wines, she asked me to sleep with her on the bed. We grinded, she grabbed my hard penis and rubbed it against her wet vulva, I played with her ass, ate her pussy, we did a lot of things, but never kissed on the mouth or penetrated. It was a silent agreement that we weren’t cheating.