Confession to Reality

A Sexual Fantasy

— By IGE

So I have a next door neighbour who goes to the same gym as me. She has a gorgeous body as well as a very characteristic face. One day, I decide to confess my sexual attraction to her here on this website, turns out she reads the confessions here to explore her sexuality in depth. When she reads my confession she realizes that it's me talking about her which turns her on deeply. Next day, I jump into shower. Hearing that, she sneaks into my apartment and watches me and hides whilst playing with herself. When I get out and am starting to dry myself up, she comes out from hiding which surprises me. Before I do or say anything she starts touching my penis whilst kissing me softly which begins to harden me. She goes down on her knees in the bathroom and takes me into her mouth and I just lose myself. Next thing, I grab her and push her against the wall. When I slip into her from the back, she moans so deeply that makes me realize that we both secretly been waiting for that moment so long. The rest of the night is full of lust and desire that we discover in each other over and over and over again.