Cold Ocean Hot Bodies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miriam

Imagine a surfing trip in Portugal, in cold, chilly March. A group of noobies with their instructor got to the ocean to learn some surf skills. They change into their wet suits in a tiny surf shop close by the beach. They grab their boards and go barefoot to the icy cold ocean. The weather is windy and two people, a boy and a girl, are not really into the surf stuff, but into each other, they fall and laugh and fall again and decide that they will end the lesson early. They leave the boards and run back into the surfshop. That has a tiny hot shower for the frozen ones. They turn on the water, their hands are still stiff from the cold, the fingers won't bend, but they unzip the wet suits. Steam is coming from their cold skin, they start to melt into each other. They start to make out and not to make too much noise not to get kicked out. He goes down on her, she goes down on him, the steam is so intense it's taking up the space. He takes her and gently pushes her against the wall and slides into her. They look each other in the eyes: they can't scream with their voices, but their eyes are screaming pleasure. They finish off, get changed into warm and cozy clothes, walk into the surf shop and ask for a couple Portuguese espressos. The rest of the crew runs in, all wet and cold and head to the showers. "I hope there's hot water left" - the owner of the shop wonders with a smirk. The girl and boy look at each other and smile over their espressos. They laugh with their eyes.