Clothes are the New Naked

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alon

It would be fun if I found a portal to an alternate reality. One where nudity has always been the norm. Clothing does not exist in this reality. So when I appear out of nowhere with clothing on, the residents of this reality are stunned. They try to communicate with me but I can't make out what they are saying. They analyze me for a while. Then I begin to see signs of arousal on them. Hard nipples and penises. Then they begin to masturbate to me. My lack of undress has given them arousal. Some of them begin to fornicate among themselves. When I decide to join in, I begin to undress but then they plead with me to keep my clothes on, with hand gestures and such. I say sure, fine with me. One individual comes near me and is apparently hoping to get with me, and so I end up dry humping with this nude person cause I'm still dressed. I orgasm which is only evident by the wet stain on my trousers. Once we're all finished, I get an awkward sense from the residents. Some of them are blushing, others cover their eyes. Some signal me to take my clothes off. I think they're offended by my state of dress now that they have had sexual release.