Clean up at the Dentist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By djaramillo

My dentist is a cute woman; she gave a thorough inspection of my teeth. Once she was done she took of her gloves while I was still lying on the chair and told me to suck her fingers. I did what I was told and I felt her thumb go right into my mouth, she then proceeded with the other fingers eventually putting her whole hand in my mouth.

She then held my mouth open, spat inside of it and asked me to swallow the spit. Once I did as she wished she put one hand over my mouth and with her other hand she unzipped my pants and started giving me a slow hand job. As she tugged my penis back and forth she whispered in my ear “this is for being a good boy and remembering to brush your teeth everyday.”

I couldn’t respond back as her hand was still firmly on my mouth, all of a sudden she kissed the head of my penis and began to give me a deep blow job. Moments later she sat on top of me with her legs tightly wrapped around the chair so I could not get up and grabbed my penis putting it inside her wet pussy proceeding to give me the best sex of my life. That was a day at the dentist I will never forget!