Cigarettes Before Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Marie Ruby

This past year I had been coming home from a night of partying or a day of working and deciding to have a joint to unwind. For the most part, it would make my head clear, but there were always the exceptional times.
On this particular day, after a couple of minutes, I felt a tingling in my lower stomach and my panties immediately getting wet. It came like a hot flash, the sudden feeling of arousal. I could feel the signs of orgasming without touching my body at all; it was going from 0 to 100 miles per hour without pressing the accelerator, and if I didn't act on it, I was sure I would die from it. It was intense in the best way, how I felt like moaning and screaming in pleasure without lifting a finger.
I ran the small distance between my balcony and my bedroom. I took my clothes off so fast I got tangled in my pants and almost fell over. I wasn’t self-conscious or aware of my surroundings and the only thing that mattered was feeling good, so that was what I focused on.
I laid back on my bed, naked, legs spread open and slowly touched my breasts. I don’t usually pay that much attention to the rest of my body when I’m masturbating, but that day everything felt amazing. The tips of my fingers caressing my nipples, the sharpness of my nails as I scratched the skin of my thighs, pulling my own hair as I rocked back and forth on my sheets. I tried to go as slow as possible, but couldn’t hold off anymore. When I finally touched my clitoris, pressing hard with gentle and sharp motions at the same time, I screamed. My whole body was on fire and I could only slow down enough to get my vibrator from my bedside table. After what was probably only a couple of minutes, I came the first time, and it was a whole-body kind of orgasm; the one where your legs stop working, and everything shakes.
I knew it wasn’t over because I didn’t feel the usual sense of peace. I kept exploring myself, fingering alternating with slow caresses on my sensitive clitoris, the occasional smack on the soft flesh I could reach. I came two more times before I could settle down...