A Sexual Fantasy

— By Junkman

The last book has been read, and the last one after that. It's time to get these kids to bed.

As she leans over to pray for sweet dreams, her legs stretch out in front of me with an ass that looks like it just climbed out of the Rokeby Venus.

She's making me hard. I know the perfect play. "Why don't you take a hot bath," I say. "I'll tidy up."

No arguments there.

A sink full of suds makes me think of her alone in the tub. I'm wishing her unlonely, uninhibited thoughts—and getting caught up in them myself. The noise of the tub emptying upstairs takes me by surprise. I thought I had more time to finish up, so I'm a little late to the party upstairs.

I hear an angelic noise as I approach the bedroom. She is naked on the bed enjoying herself. Her white skin is splotchy pink from her hot, oily bath.

I ask her to bend over for me so I can kneel before her. Her fingers have already located her itch, and she's working it vigorously. My tongue is competition and I know I've lost the battle when her fingers displace me from her clit.

Plan B suits me just fine. As my tongue twists around her pretty little asshole my mind contemplates life's deepest mysteries, like how her unclean spots taste so divine. If anything is corrupt it's my tongue, which offers up filthy whispers of adoration.

She comes loud enough to be heard in the heavens. I wait for the sounds of children's feet running down the hallway, but they are caught up in their own sweet dreams.

I crawl beside her to cuddle and fall asleep, hard and satisfied.