Cheat with Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wander & Lust

I have a fantasy about a close friend, that I would never act on (we're both in committed relationships), but I like to think about what would happen if I did.

We've exchanged glances that I was never sure how to interpret, but in my fantasy, there is no interpretation needed. We're on a group trip and meeting in Amsterdam. The four of us are on different flights because of work schedules and her and I arrive in town first. We arrange to meet at a cafe.

She walks in, it's been weeks since I've seen her and my heart is immediately racing. We have a quick coffee and she laments that her Airbnb isn't ready. Mine is, and we agree to go stash our bags there.

We arrive and walk up the typically narrow staircase and already my head is going places it shouldn't. I walk into the bedroom to set down my bag and suddenly she's behind me. I turn around and our eyes meet. We start passionately kissing as she backs me onto the bed. Seconds later her pants are off and I finally taste her. It all happens to fast. I slide inside of her as we have the most amazing sex we've ever known.

We shower, head out for an evening as a couple and spend the night together at the Airbnb. The next day our significant others arrive and meet us at the same cafe (where we've been waiting, highly caffeinated).

We know it will only ever be just once, but that is all we're asking for.