Center of attention

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ilia

Blindfolded, you are down on your knees with you hands tied above your head. The room is warm and full of tension, or maybe it’s just your anticipation.

You start to relax as they begin to oil you up, massaging some tense areas and caressing you softly.

Slowly the touching gets more arousing as they suck on your nipples, oil up your ass and someone’s tongue enjoys exploring your clitoris. With so many hands it’s hard to keep track. So you stop trying and allow yourself to simply get lost in the pleasure.

The anal play intensifies. Someone sucks and nibbles your neck and shoulder and you hardly manage to fully partake in the delicious french kissing that is watering up your mouth. The person licking your pussy is now also fingering you, leaving you almost out of breath when someone slowly starts to penetrate your ass. It doesn’t get any better than this.