Caught in the Act

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lyncol

I love sex and riding a really hard cock is an ultimate pleasure for me. I have always known my partner wants to watch me have uncontrolled sex with another man, but something in my personality or loyalty makes that difficult for me to do even though the idea makes me very horny. However I have to confess on my Hen Night, for which we went to Barcelona, my gang of girlfriends hooked up with some really cute French boys, who supplied us with Champagne, food and very heavy flirting and my best girl friend and I ended up back in their hotel room and we had sex with each of them and each other and I have never had so many intense orgasms. I suspect he knows as he has caught comments and looks while we have been out with my friends and discussed the Hen-Night (but not in such detail). I still fantasise about that night when I am masturbating and I add in that my partner has hidden a webcam in the room and is watching us. I am trying hard to work on my strange fear, but it still feels like disloyalty. I think he is becoming impatient with me. I hope he read this confession and recognises us!!