Caught By Husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jessica

It's well lit but not bright. Enough to see everything but still romantic. I'm on my knees worshipping him. His cock sliding between my lips and through my hand as I try to get him off.

His hand is in my hair, urging me on. His hips are trying not to thrust but he can't help himself.

A hoarse voice says, "God I've missed you." As I try not to gag on his dick. I'm so horny and I've been all alone for almost a week. He's been texting me and teasing me.

He loves making me wet and ready when he's not around. It makes me think about him when he's not around.

When I cook dinner I think about him fucking me from behind over the counter. When I take a shower I think about his hands squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. When I finger myself I dream about seeing his big, blue eyes staring up at me while he licks me to orgasm.

I suck his cock with enthusiasm. I want him in me. I want him to dream about me when he closes his eyes. When he wakes up hard I want him to see my face, distended with his pulsing cock. My lips and tongue covered in his seed.

I don't want him to think of anyone else.

I suck his cock and because I can't help myself I finger myself. I can't do both at once but now that I've got him so turned on he's fucking my mouth and I can concentrate on my own impending orgasm.

The fat, mushroom head of his dick is sliding all the way from my lips to my uvula, my tongue is pushed against the underside of his pumping shaft.

My fingers quicken and I feel how turned on I am. I'm almost sloppy between my legs as I slide two fingers in and out of myself.

He cums. Not in a romantic soft sigh but in a loud, cursing mass. I feel his seed shoot up against the roof of my mouth. I almost gag.

The build up to my orgasm stops as I take my hands away and control his orgasm. My hand around his shaft makes sure he doesn't gag me. I squeeze and massage his balls as he pumps his orgasm into my mouth.

I make sure that when he looks down he sees me looking up at him. His face is flushed and his dick is still jumping in my mouth.

I don't hear the door open behind me.

A startled look crosses over his face and his eyes are on the doorway behind me. The look slowly turns into terror.

His body pulls away from me and his dick leaves my mouth with a small pop. His warm, salty orgasm drips down my chin before I close my mouth to preserve it.

I look over my shoulder and lock eyes with the unbelieving gaze of my husband and swallow my lovers cum reflexively.

I've been caught.