Carnival Sins: My Friend and My Mother

A Sexual Fantasy

— By CascadeBlue

It is often the case that we, sons, occasionally forget how our moms are also likely to be attractive and desiring women, at the height of their exuberance and sexual confidence. I wasn't thinking about that when I invited my friend to spend carnival week in my hometown, at her place, in a relatively small but festive city. I just thought, we both being young, tall, good looking, we would have some 'fun' there. My mom's partner didn't like the wildness and loudness of carnival so he used the holiday to visit his parents. It was the three of us in a big, spacious house. I realized early on where things were headed. Their body language, the flirting, the whole erotic aura of carnival conspiring for them, it seemed almost unavoidable. My protective and possessive self kicked in, I felt like a little kid again, pulling on my mom's skirt and wanting her all to myself. But I knew things were different now, we were all independent adults, and this was beyond my control. It felt frustrating, but also strangely, liberating.

'It' happened. Early on. I guess I missed their first kiss, but from some point on, they were a couple. They were somewhat discreet, but also natural about it. On the second day they were already sleeping together. And it just became more intense and unceasing. When they weren't having sex they were all over each other, exuding joy and physical intimacy. My mom looked breathtakingly beautiful; so confident, and compliant to her impulses. My friend was in complete bliss, but still holding his poise. I was trying to act cool, open about it. In reality, I felt jealous, overpowered, and juvenile. But amidst those feelings, I also felt aroused, so fucking much. Maybe it was a twisted way of my subconscious to give me a late 'coming of age' lesson. Learning, not only letting go of my mother, but granting a fresh, unexplored, forbidden pleasure for it. I accepted.

We barely mention it now, but I'm certain that in the safety of our private thoughts, we still explore and indulge ourselves in those 'sinful' pleasures.