This can be your last day as a virgin

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zobeyj

I'm a female student. I live in Germany. One day, I met a very young Syrian man in a park. I actually fell down while jogging, he helped me to stand up again. He was so well mannered, caring that I was attracted like a magnet to him. He was so sexy, his eyes were addicting, his touch so magical. I invited him over to my house. When he came, he was so shy that he wasn't comfortable. He told me of the hardships of leaving his homeland. Soon he told me that he was a VIRGIN MAN! Then I said "it can be your last day as a virgin if you want". He was surprised, he couldn't understand: then I made him realize what I was talking about. I kissed him so deeply, he started trembling..... he was afraid of doing it the first time! But soon he was in the heat too. His hairy body and tan skin was awesome. I was even smelling his armpits like crazy, biting his armpit hair! Then he was a bit awkward doing oral, but when I sucked his cock he really liked it... soon he could not resist fucking me. At last he started to fuck me, he picked up the pace and soon he came. We did it many times. He said he had no words how to thank me! I said you can live with me forever if you want...