Can I Fuck You?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tmarymc

I remember the first time we locked eyes. He was an intern at my firm at the time and I was a senior associate. We always had a connection though nothing sexual ever happened between us. I just knew he must have felt the same way about me. It was just a look in our eyes or the physical closeness we would have when just sitting at a conference table. I had faith there was something he was feeling too.
One day a few months ago he was assigned on one of my big projects, which deep down I hated. My boss treated me like crap.
He and I were talking alone and he told me he had this this opportunity that made more money and had a better trajectory for his career. He said he was interviewing, but wasn't confident that he would leave our firm. I could loose him forever if he took another job. But instead I was as encouraging as anyone could ever be. I made sure he felt confident the day he interviewed by texting him about how great he was going to do. I made sure I made him know just how proud I was of him for taking this step.
His jump inspired me to make a career move as well. One that would forever change my life. I called a recruiter and she told me about a position that was literally my dream job, which I didn't even know existed. Once I got the job, I held a happy hour with many of my friends to celebrate.
He, of course, was the first person there and the last to leave. He spent the entire night by my side and I by his. I really just loved being with him. At the end of the night after a few drinks, I found myself in his arms. We locked eyes. He kissed me. I couldn't help myself, I placed my hand on the top of his pants. His cock was hard. I wanted him. He looked at me and asked so politely "Can I fuck you?". I nodded.
We went home to my place. He undressed to reveal his tan, fit body and large hard cock. He took my clothes off still standing up. We both stood there admiring the sight for a moment. He started to perform head on me standing up until I fell onto the bed. I returned the favor. He laid me down, spread my legs and fucked me slow, then fast.