Cambridge Fête Champêtre

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Behappy

I am a lecturer at a well known university, my wife and I each year attend a Fête champêtre, held in a stately garden, by river, surrounded by hundreds of candles, fireworks and string quartets. This summer we had just completed the maze when we ran into the woods to find a performance of Shakespeare’s Midsummers night dream. My wife lead held my hand and lead me into the small wood, I though we were going the wrong way, but she knew where we were going. She kissed me and told me to shut up and follow her, she took me to a small clearing in the trees and kissed me, we snogged. As we kissed I heard another couple also running near us, it was one of my wife’s students, they started to make love in the clearing, we could watch, whilst still wearing a ball dress they made love with all the energy and desire of a young passionate couple, my wife and I touch and masturbated each other while we quietly watched, It was the most daring thing I had ever done, under the stars, in the moonlight. Relatively quickly the students finish and lye post orgasmic half dressed, my wife explodes as I am touching her both still watch her uni students. Then I hear one of the students call out my wife’s name, I die of embarrassment, we have been spotted... But my wife confidently reply’s, saying thank you, she had planned it. My wife, takes my hands and tells me to lay with them... The next four hours an incredible experience like never before...