Call Me Maybe

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Iliketolisten

The name of my friend appeared on the mobile phone display.

I looked at the watch on the bedside table: three o'clock in the morning.

I pressed the green button and, with the voice scratched, "Hello!" I answered.

At the other end of the phone there is a confused background noise and incomprehensible voices of man and woman.

"Hello!" I repeated in the interrupted night.

"Yes, so deep in your throat" I seemed to understand the man's voice and following groan and groan.

"Hello!" I repeated.

"You turn now. I want your ass." "Do not hurt me." I heard the voice of the woman who seemed to my friend one.

I was not talking anymore and my pussy was starting to tremble, excited.

"Lick my little hole. Come on, spit it over." She was still the woman talking.

"And you spit on my cock. So are you ready? "

I felt a hiss of cloth and the woman asked: "Do it. Widen me softly. Do not break me through. "

My hand started massaging my clit, swollen as never before.

A choked shout and "Look, you know, I'm all in", said the man panting.

Now I heard only moans and laments and a regular rhythm.

My hand now swirled vortically on my clitoris.

The rhythm, on the phone, rose to a halt in a lasting set of shots accompanied by rosy and indistinguishable sounds. Except for some: "I come." "I too." "Fill my bud." "I cum. I cum. "

"Yeah", I screamed too as my pussy twitched crazy for pleasure.

I heard a hiss on the phone and my friend's voice, in a violent shortness of breath, answered "Hello. Hello."

And I, out of breath more than her: "Oh, my darling, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but you made a phone call to me." "Me? Sure? " "On the display came up your number. " "Forgive me, these new phones just have to touch them for the calls. Sorry, dear. Good night."

This time I turned off my phone and tried to sleep again. A thought, however, kept me awake all night: and if my friend's call had been wanted?