Call Me Beauty

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Skinnygirl18

I don't know if this is important, but right now I'm 18 years old. I've had sex with 4 boys, 3 of these 4 boys wanted to do things they'd seen in hard porn. That makes me sick. I want something real. I want to sleep with some guy and have him touch my breasts and kiss me in a cute way. I want someone to tell me that my body is gorgeous. Why? Because I'm Latina but skinny. And to guys here, that makes me super skinny. So I want someone to take off my clothes and call me beautiful and give me oral sex in a loving way. I want to feel a real orgasm.

I want him to stay focused on my orgasm, not his. I want him to kiss my butt and my breasts in a beautiful way. To touch my clitoris softly, and not hurt me by going to fast or too forcefully. I want him to tell me wonderful things about my vagina and my body.

And then I want a huge climax.