Snow Cabin Fever

A Sexual Fantasy

— By niateese

I drove a long time into the wide open, north of the city. In a snowstorm. I had a small white car. He kept texting "where are you", "how far". I think this is probably one of the more crazy things I've done. Down a desolate, snow covered road, I barely made it. He walked out down from the cabin to greet me. Nothing under his winter coat. His penis caught my eye and I was taken. We walked up the snowy path to a candlelit cabin. Soft music, charcuterie and red wine-stained lips. We stare into each other's eyes legs entwined. Then it begins. I don't know what I'm going to find in him. He's older- much older- smoke-stained skin and jagged beard. We kiss. We touch- grope as if we are looking for some thing lost in another. I go down on him hard. deep. He moans- I bite his nipples and he screams in ecstasy- I love to be in control of his pleasure and pain. I kiss my way back to his penis- erect and throbbing. I take it deep- It makes me wet- the pulsating and thrusting motion of my lips and tongue on him. He says "please say- I want you to come in my mouth-please" I oblige and it throws him into a wet messy orgasm over my face. I rub it in and thank him. Later we go outside in the dead of night to lay on blankets on the snow cover lake and stare at the stars. The vista engulfs me. We go back to the cabin- light a fire in the night and he commands me "go over there put your pussy on the snow and feel it. Come on it- I want to watch" I drunkenly oblige. The ecstasy of the ice on me freezing, burning, gyrating. I come completely, screaming as I stare him in the eye through the fire. He lights his cigar and we're locked on. My fever has just begun...