Buzz Fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Suzie

I meet a beautiful, long-haired man at a party. We connect right away, talking about life in a deep and intimate way. He tells me how beautiful I am. Before parting, he shares that he owns a men's barber shop. Says he closes at 5 if I want to stop by for a drink. My mind and pussy are exploding with the fact that I have a hair fetish. Next day, I walk up the stairs to the barber shop, ready for anything. His last customer is nearly done. The sound of the clippers drive me wild. I sit calmly for the customer to leave. Barber locks the door and flips the closed sign. He offers me a beer and comes back with a cold one and a joint. He says to sit in the barber chair while he sweeps up. He turns the music up playing something sexy. The more relaxed we get, the more we talk like before. He's strong and makes me feel comfortable. I tell him that I'm getting aroused just sitting in the chair. Why, he asks. I explain every severe haircut in my childhood when my mother would make me get short haircuts like hers. I would shake. No one asked me what I wanted. It was a full surrender of my body and image. Thereafter, the only way to fully let go to orgasm, I had to imagine either cutting my hair or doing it to someone else. He kisses me on the back of my neck and swings the chair to face the mirror. He hands me a pair of scissors and says, if you do me, I would be honored to reciprocate. He seats himself on the second chair and takes his shirt off. I walk to him, wetness dripping down my leg. I'm wearing a sundress without panties. I ask how much I can cut. He says all of it. A crew cut. With that, we kiss passionately as I mount him on the chair, facing him. He feels my wetness and fingers my clit. I work on pulling his pants off. Are you sure? Yes, please. I reach for the scissors and slowly begin to snip away. With each snip, a moan, from us both. I reach to the back as he kisses my breasts and plays with my bottom. He's ready for clippers. He hands them to me and says go for it. As I flick it on, his penis begins entering me. I shave his head while fucking him.