Butterfly Hurricane

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dolphin Girl

He asked if I wanted to go for coffee. We connected on the deepest level possible. We looked into each others' souls through our eyes. We sat in the car, me in the driver's seat, him in the passenger's; knees touching. Our hands were outstretched, his on bottom, mine on top; palms pressing together. We felt every sensation, the pressure in our rigid hands intensifying.

We talked and we were honest, to our core. The honesty would increase the attraction rather rapidly.

Our palms drove deeper and finally broke free. His finger coming up to my lip. I took his finger into my mouth, licked and sucked it. When I asked how that made him feel he said, "Exactly how it's supposed to".

He was a musician. A good one / well paid one. He needed to return a snare drum so we went to his home so he could pick it up.

He brought me into his studio to wait for a moment. The heat had been left on and it was warm / inviting. I took a seat and after a few minutes I  laid my head down on the arm rest; feet still on the floor.

When he returned he stood at the end of the seat. I brought my legs to the end of the seat and opened them, asking him to hug me.

Suddenly he put his hands on my thighs above the knee and ran them further down! Startled, yet incredibly turned on, I pulled back. He kept going...