A Sexual Fantasy

— By Odeya

I am a femme lesbian and this is my ultimate fantasy:

I meet a stud at a bar; we flirt and dance and drink, I act coy and shy and play with my earrings, looking up at her through my eyelashes, making her feel like she's in control of this encounter. She makes the first move and kisses me.

Then we get back to my place.

I surprise her by pushing her down on to bed, not the other way around. I climb on top of her, and we kiss, hard and passionately, me holding her arms above her head with our hands intertwined. I kiss down her neck and body, gently slide off her trousers, and slowly start licking her clit.

I am in control now.

I slip my fingers inside of her - the ultimate taboo for a stud - licking her at the same time. She moans and writhes underneath me, letting out sweetly surprising high pitched noises of delight. I relish in her moaning my name. She calls me baby too, her fingers in my hair, tugging it almost too hard, but making me moan back. She starts to grind against my mouth, and I can feel her moans reaching their crescendo. She cums hard, and a small trickle of ejaculate spatters against my lip and my cheek.

She lies there breathing heavily, sweat beads rolling off her forehead.

I let her dominate me afterwards, first with her fingers and then with the strap. But neither of us can quite forget what (who) came before.

We don't speak again after this night, perhaps she's embarrassed? No matter, I'll relive that moment over and over again in my head.