But in bed I'm a sadist...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Autumn Equinox

Someone’s fingers moving in my vagina and hard and constant pressure on my clit, me humping against that, while I bite a lower lip bloody. Later I grind my vagina into that pretty face, the face which I then slap while gripping onto strong arms to keep myself on this person that I am riding. I am pulled down by my hair and fiercely bite into them. Then, in a calmer mood I am sitting behind someone, running my fingernails down their back, applying so much pressure that bits of skin come off, which I smear onto their front, reaching around them, pressing my boobs with the nipple tassles into them. They still lust after me as I dance for them. They must stay seated and they are slowly tearing from the inside with gasps and pants, shudders and whimpers. When I am slammed on a glass table with my naked butt I kick them back in the chest forcefully, them tumbling onto their back. Slowly I walk around them whipping them hard from every side.