Business & Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Irontopia

When I was a younger man, around 19/20 I found myself in a busy office, of which over two thirds were older women - a lot pushing 50. One day I had to go on a training course which involved staying overnight with one of these colleagues in particular. She was a little over 50 and had a body to die for and boobs to match. The type of woman that knows what she wants. There was a slight mix up with the hotel booking and it meant we had to share a room - a double room. Such a shame...

We had a couple of drinks after work to pass the evening away and retired to bed. After slyly watching her get slowly changed into her sexy silk nightie I had a problem. I had no pyjamas and had a very stiff cock. Thankfully she had other ideas - especially after she caught me looking. She came out the bathroom, pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me. You can guess what happened from there.. ;) It was the best business trip I've ever had!