Bus Ride to Obedience

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pong

I had this very short affair in my mid thirties, about 10 years ago, which I still occasionally have wild daydreams about.

I met her via a kink dating site - she looked for somebody, who would eat her on a regular base, but not insist on intercourse, kissing or any closer relationship.

After some very formal dates, where we just talked about how we both got there and why we wanted this, we agreed, that it was a turn-on for both of us and that we would try it, defining very strikt rules.

She was a rather earnest looking woman but could flash a beautifully wicked smile, which knocked me off my feet. She wasn‘t too tall, but had a sporty body with beautiful, tanned legs and a nice firm butt.

She sent me text messages when she wanted me to visit and perform my duties, every other week. On the bus to her place, my heart was already beating in my throat (it is doing it again, as I’m writing these lines) and I felt, like all the other people could read from my face what I was about to do.

When I got there, she always asked me in and we shook hands like strangers. She would order me to undress and kneel down, she usually wore heels, because that would bring her pussy exactly to the same hight as my mouth. She would step up to me, lift her skirt or open the dress she was wearing and saying something rude, she would push her pussy into my face. Most of the time, she was already a little wet. By that time, my cock was also fully hard and the desire to touch and stroke it, was overwhelming, but explicitly forbidden, which made it even more arousing and almost painful.
It was even worse, when sometimes she bent over the table and I had to lick her from the back, my face inside her wonderful ass.

I think, the kneeling/standing part aroused both of us most, because of the ritual submissive gesture and the power it gave her.

After a while, she then asked me to lay on the carpet or the bed, where she sat on my face and I had to finish her off. If I succeeded, she sometimes said something nice and after I once asked her to kiss me, which was against the rules, she proposed to spit into my mouth instead of kissing me. At the proposal I felt embarrassed and electrified at the same time. I nodded and it became her habit to reward me like that, if I did well, with a wicked and beautiful smile. It was insanely hot and intimate.

After about an hour she then would ask me to leave, which I always did without arguing. On the bus back home, I still had the taste and smell of her pussy in my mouth and nose and I thought everybody else would be smelling it, too. I always was so horny, that it hurt to wear tight jeans. At home I had to masturbate the very same moment, I had closed the apartment‘s door behind me.

It ended after a few months, because I felt that it started to become an addiction and did not satisfy the need for a relationship with love and perspective, which I have and enjoy today.

But now end then, I allow myself to think back of the kinkiest affair I've ever had.