A Sexual Fantasy

— By wtf

As a high school exchange student living with a nice but strict host family in this country, I do not enjoy a lot of privacy. This does not keep me from masturbating. And I can be very grateful that my hosts and me found a very convenient way of dealing with it. One day I figured out something was in spring. I was lying down on my bed, the eyes closed, without my pants, just in panties and a tank top. I had already pulled my panties to the side, pulled out my breasts from my bra and shirt and massaged my clit a little until my pussy was nice and moist and as I was just about to begin to finger fuck myself when I realized somebody was standing in front of my bed silently. It was my host brother. His face was dead serious. He saw my shock, I was almost paralyzed. He moved his finger to his lips and all I heard was a "sssssht!!!" paired with a pulled up eyebrow and a little nod telling me to continue.
So got my fingers really moist from inside my vagina and continued rubbing my clit until my legs got tense. My host brother had taken out his rock hard cock and massaged it looking at me lying in front of him. When I was really close to coming he kneeled down in front of me on the bed and spread my legs to put my feet on his shoulders. He pulled out a condom from his shirt pocket (he had been counting on that! how many times had he silently watched me masturbate before?), rolled it on his surprisingly big, straight and beautiful cock that he then got wet in my pussy juice and pushed deep inside of me getting faster and faster and then again slow and deep while I kept rubbing my clit until I clenched and came hard on his cock with an exorcist facial expression. He continued fucking me over my orgasm until he came inside of me, bent over me and giving me the first kiss in this encounter.