Breaking and Entering

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jim26

My girlfriend and I don’t live together, but we have keys to each other’s places, so we surprise each other a lot. Usually with something sweet like dinner or cleaning the apartment, but sometimes it gets a little darker.

The first time she did it to me, I woke up to someone hovering over my face, wearing a mask and tying my arms up. I tried to fight back, but it was too late and it scared the shit out of me. She leaned down and whispered “don’t fucking move.”

I know it was her without her breaking character and my fear quickly turned into desire. She ripped my pants off, straddled me and put me inside of her, all without taking her mask off. She was ruthless, grabbing my bound hands and tossing me about the bed, slapping me in the face and not letting me say a word. She worked her hips hard, down into me. I came so hard and the second I was done, she climbed off of me and walked out the door, leaving me tied up in my own bed.

She never mentioned it again.