My Brain Is My Most Powerful Sex Organ

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Phedre

When a man/woman can hold a witty conversation and is observant of nuances, I can't help but let my mind wander on about how they are in bed.
The sexual tension of intelligent banter makes me wet and on edge with excitement.
You notice my little smile or sparkle in my eyes. I see how your fingers run through your hair or your hand rubs your knee when I say something with suggestive undertones.
Will you see my eyes grow slightly heavy as I touch your most intimate places. My pulse will quicken when I hear your breath hitch at the words I whisper in your ear.
Touch me intelligently and with observation. There is nothing more freeing than losing my inhibitions to a person who is aware of my body and words. Yes, yes I will say it... I want to fuck your mind.