My Boyfriend's best friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RussoMarty

My boyfriend is nerdy and so are his friends. His closest friend and I are very close. We laugh at the same jokes, we enjoy the same tv shows, movies, beers , you name it. He's not bad looking, short and quirky but with charm. In a way, Im not even -that- attracted to him, he's the guy next door, the guy that's hiding his game, the guy that no one fears, and certainly not my boyfriend. He likes me, I know it, he has a girlfriend but always looks at me for some reason, we have awkward moments together, I know he's attracted to me and he knows I -really- enjoy his attention. You could say we have an ambiguous relationship. But, if I pause for a second, do I want any of this to happen in real life? Well, no. I love my boyfriend and we're not into having open relationships - yet -, also my boyfriend is much more suited for me and our love is more precious to me than some silly little friend crush. Because, in the end, that's what it boils down to : sex. I had dreams about my boyfriend's best friend, several. Sexy, hot, deliciously lusty dreams about him. Some of my best sex dreams ever were about him. But I know it's never gonna happen and if it really did, it couldn't honestly be as good as my fantasies. I wish this movie could be the most vivid dream about us two, our awkward, dangerous, decadent, forbidden but ultimately, an ecstasy, orgasms filled and delicious night of explosive sex intertwined with friendship, laughter. and a little guilt (but not too much, it's just a fantasy). Please make it real, I'm so horny writing this.