In the Boudoir

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Moondog123

I envision a boudoir, with a beautiful lady in it. Her long hair is brushed and braided by her maid. During these intimate moments, while braiding her mistress' hair, the maid starts to stroke the neck of her mistress... a kiss behind the ear... Then, the lady pulls her maid close, and kisses her on the mouth. The maid pulls her mistress' silk robe down, revealing her full, ripe breasts. The lady summons her maid to undress, and orders the shy-looking girl to lick her! Shyly she does as ordered, her mistress' hand stroking her short black curls. Later, the lady returns the favour to her maid, and licks the girls' hairy pussy until she orgasms. But the lady wants to take this one step further. So she grabs her leather strap-on from under her cushion, rigs her maid up, and orders the girl to fuck her mistress as hard as she dares. The maid gladly does as ordered, until her mistress reaches a screaming orgasm. For the first time, the lady summons her maid to spend the night in her bed... One of many to follow...