The Boss

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Falcon_9

An obscenely rich woman. An unlikely world, a bit different from ours.

She is beautiful. Early 40´s. Big breasts, round bottom, small waist, stoic face. She looks wise, maybe a bit arrogant, quiet, but powerful in her silence.

She lives with no spouse in a large house on a vast property.

Her house is filled with people. Men and women alike. But they are not normal people that walk the streets. They are sexually insatiable, living in a house mostly naked, yearning most for her.

She comes downstairs in the morning, a white silk robe tied loosely at the hip. One hands her a cup of coffee, one hand her the paper fetched from the porch. Che sits at the table to read. They gather on their knees at her feet. They don´t use many words. A couple cautiously reach up to pull a breast out of the robe... looking at her to see if they may put it in her mouth. Without looking at them, she nods yes.

It escalates as such. The woman unphased, the sexual people begging to be the one lucky enough to suck on a nipple, tongue her ass, suck her labia, and devour her body.