Books and perfume

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kallie

Both me and my boyfriend are at University. We hadn't really seen each other for a while so I asked him to come over. At first I kind of hesitated since I was studying. But I felt so horny that time I couldn't concentrate.

At first we first kissed and touched gently. He caressed my face, hair, neck, between my legs. He runs his hand down my spine down to my butt. He touched me very gently yet it was so arousing.

Then as he was about to fuck me, I caught the intoxicating smell of his perfume and god, it aroused me on a level that I have never been before. It turned be ravenous for more. He gasped when I grabbed his penis to stroke it intensely with my hands and kissed him deeply. Our tongues played, his in my mouth, on my breasts, my abdomen and finally, on my clitoris. Everything went so fast. I didn't really care if my dorm-mate would arrive or not! Now all I crave is the scent of him cologne...

Who knew a perfume could drive a person crazy!