Bold Request

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Earlymay

I recently sent this as an email to my husband and our two friends, another couple, who we play with from time to time.

"Hi you three,

I have a bold request for you. I have a fantasy that I would love you to fulfill. It goes like this: My partner is my keeper and I am his willing captive. He keeps me but really I am in control. He worships me and shares me but only upon my consent. Occasionally he invites people to meet me, play with me.

One night he tells me visitors are coming and to prepare he pampers me, helps me get really comfortable on the bed and then lightly ties me up. After a little while I hear voices outside the door and a quiet knock. I call for them to come in. For the first while all the talking between the visitors and I is done through my partner. They are very quiet and respectful, in awe. They have to ask him to see me, undress me, touch me. He slowly takes off my clothing upon the visitors request and shows all the different parts of my body that they want to see. They ask to kiss parts of me, touch parts of me, and eventually they ask to penetrate me with their fingers, tongues, cocks. Sometimes my keeper says yes, sometimes he asks me first, sometimes he says they have to wait for him to have a turn first, showing them how I like to be touched. At some point I become untied and ask for things, being the one in command. I ask to watch different acts happen between my keeper and the visitors and ask for certain things to be done to me. Eventually this all ends in an orgy, hands and mouths and arms and cunts and cocks everywhere. A sweaty mess of human beings.

So what do you think, you three? Darling, will you role play being my keeper? Dear friends, will you come to visit me?

I would love this to happen tonight.